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South Coast
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Sewer/Waste Water Works
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Sewer/Waste Water Works
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Sewer/Waste Water

IRR-06We have completed hundreds of kilometres of sewer from 32mm low pressure to 800mm carriers, to the refurbishment of oviform tunnels 2800mm diameter. These works have been completed in a variety of ways such as design and construct, partial design and construct, construct only. The jobs have varied in size from a manhole in the city centre to tunnelling into the basement of a high rise building, gravity pipe renewals in the suburbs, backlog/infill projects in the world renowned Blue Mountains National Park to pressure mains in the Bush, as well as vacuum and low pressure sewer.

Firedam Civil have constructed numerous projects for local authorities, Sydney Water DPW&S, RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority), Hunter Water, and private developers. We have designed 32mm PE pipe with pods to enable sewer mains to be connected to houses in high water table areas where previously it would have been impossible because of the bad ground conditions or the cost would have been double for conventional methods. These units have been installed successfully at Karratha Airport, Windsor NSW, and South Coast of NSW. We have installed from 1 unit to 300 units. These have been a huge win for clients both cost wise and environmentally wise.

Firedam Civil have also designed and constructed large diameter gravity lines be it in a straight forward sub-division with production of 80-90 metres per day of 150mm-225mm diameter or constructing a carrier main, up to 800mm diameter, through a suburb to expand capacity or where we completed work for the Sewerfix programme in order to minimise infiltration into the sewer system from aging infrastructure.



 Job: Athol Street, DN300 Sewer Upgrade

Location: Port Hedland
Date: April – June 2015

Description of Works:  Due to increased sewage flow demand in the Port Hedland Wastewater scheme. The gravity sewer main connecting access chamber to Port Hedland Pump Station #1 was required to be upgraded in size from the existing DN150 to a DN300 pipeline. This project involved the construction of a new DN300 gravity sewer main and de-commissioning of the existing DN150 sewer main along with the installation of two new manholes.


As we had to break in to an existing access chamber which  involved setting up a bypass pumping arrangement which had to be planned in coordination with watercorp as not to impact on pumping stations in the area.

Two new access chambers including plastic lining were installed on this project, along with a running trap that was concrete encased.  

 As this pipeline was adjacent and crossing a busy street we had to apply for and implement a traffic control plan.

The excavation of this pipeline was up to a depth of 3 meters, therefor we had to apply a strict excavation management plan.


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Project Name: Cape Lambart - Repairs to Cape Lambart Watermain

Client: Watercorp
Location: Wickham, WA
Date: May 2015 - ongoing

Project Description:
  This project involved the building of new piers under existing watermain while protecting existing supports, without any harm to above ground water main.  The new piers had to be excavated carefully under extising main as the DN 600 MSCL was live.  These foundations had to be compacted and tested so as to support new piers.

The project then required reo steel to be placed around the existing watermain.  Once this was in place neoprene was then placed aroundThis was then signed off and inspected ready for concrete pour.

The existing piers had to be removed with caution as not to damage live pipeline.  Once concrete was cured and stripped Firedam had to place rock protection around each pier, so any future flooding of the area would not underline new piers .


1 cape lambart  2 cape lambart 





The following is a sample of the works we have constructed.

Oxford Falls Area B (Blue Mountains)KAHU-25

Gravity Sewer

150-600 DIA


Value   $2.3M

Client   Sydney Water


Blue Mountains (various sites)

150-300 DIA


Value   $3.7M

Client   Sydney Water


Katoomba Sewer Upgrade

150-225 DIA


Value   $3.6M

Client   Sydney WaterRS-03


Erskine Park

150-600 DIA


Value   $4.583M

Client   DARO P/L



150-600 DIA


Value   $8.23M

This was a hybrid project varying between low pressure, vacuum and gravity

Client   Billbergia P/L


South Coast

150-600 DIA


Value   $24.0M

Client   DPW&S

This again was a hybrid system

There are numerous other projects on our books apart from the ones above.
If you require further lists or references please do not hesitate to ask. Some of these projects include complex boring in highly sensitive environmental areas.