Fire and Recycled Water Mains
Location: Karratha airport
Sewer Project
Location: Roebourne
508 MSCL Water Main Project
Client: Water Corp
Pump station
Client: Rising Main

Sewer Mining

We completed a project several years ago which was an initiative of Sydney Water and West Pennant Hills Golf Course.  This work required us to tap into the main sewer carrier for the area at the level where we could decanter the waste water and divert it to a nearby built pump station.  When we had constructed this, we then pumped to a treatment plant we had constructed, when the waste water was treated it was emptied into holding tanks which were connected to the irrigation system, enabling the golf course to irrigate all year round regardless of water restrictions.  This was a very positive green move turning waste into a valuable product saving Sydney Water money on treatment and having to produce water and also for the Golf Course who did not have to buy water and the Golfers were happy with a perfect course.