South Coast Lakes Project
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Camden Stage 2
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Pump Stations
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Pump Stations
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Pump Stations

M401Firedam Civil Pty Ltd has constructed approximately 30 pump stations and has upgraded and refurbished many more. These pump stations have varied in size from a small packaged pump station to an 11m diameter, 12m deep unit with overflow storage facilities and back-up. Our most recent ones have been 5 transfer pump stations to pump sewer to the new waste water treatment plant at Gap Ridge. We have also constructed pump stations for private developers, Sydney Water, DPW&S, RTA, Sewerfix, several other small clients and developers.

Firedam Civil have constructed pump stations in all types of ground conditions. You will generally find pump stations at the lower side of a development; therefore you are almost immediately in the water table where engineered shoring, pumping and treating of ground water is required. Complete failure is assured if planning is not taken seriously and executed with great care. There are so many specialised trades required such as mechanical, electrical contractors, steel fixers. Specialised excavators with clam shell buckets, to long reach machines on a wire rope pulley / hydraulic system for deep shafts. Shoring systems that have to be specifically designed to work with de-watering equipment for deep shafts. These items you will not find in a catalogue. You can only construct these works through long experience. At Firedam Civil we have some 120 years combined experience in these types of projects. Over the years we have designed shoring and de-watering systems to cater for excavating in sand, wet clay, swamps where we have had to build engineered pads in order to gain entry to the sites. We have constructed caisson type pump stations where we build them on top of the ground and excavate inside. The wet well is continually sinking and building until we reach the required depth.



M402The other major part of the planning is the ordering of pumps which may have to be manufactured overseas and also to try and keep pumps and components to the same sizing, type and brand that the authority have been always using. This helps their maintenance teams afterwards with being familiar with maintenance requirements and also there should be a relationship with the manufacturer with servicing down the track. The other long lead time is with the electrical switch board. This could have as much lead time as the pumps being manufactured overseas, valving manifolds, and the piping do not have as much lead time but they also need to be ordered in a timely manner as stainless steel components take quite a while to get, again planning and detailed take-offs are very important.


Please see following, some of the pump stations we have constructed


Karratha Airport

5 x pump stationsKAHU-20

Various sized pipe work

Duty and standby pumps

Value   $8.5M


Camden Stage 2

8m DIA 12m Deep caisson (cast in situ)

Various sizes of pipe work

Value   $3.5M

Client   Daro Pty Ltd


South Coast Lakes ProjectKAHU-21

14 x various size pump stations

There was a mixture of precast, cast in situ, and above ground booster stations in this project

Value   $24M

Client   DPW&S


Blue Mountains

Various pump stations at different locations

Value   $5M

Client   Sydney Water

There are numerous other pump stations we have built, too many to include here. We would be more than happy to meet any client to discuss their needs and how best to plan their projects. We have some very innovative ideas and because of our experience, we believe we have built every type of pump station that can pump waste water. On numerous occasions we have been contacted by both designers and authorities during the planning stages for advice and methodologies of construction.