Fire and Recycled Water Mains
Location: Karratha airport
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508 MSCL Water Main Project
Client: Water Corp
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Rising Main

Project History


Firedam Civil has completed a wide range of civil projects ranging in value from $50,000 to large multi-million dollar works. We have the capability, ability, management and the systems in place to quickly adjust to the requirements of any project. Below is a historical selectionof works that demonstrates our capacity to successfully adapt to project requirements and produce quality outcomes for all stakeholders.


Project Name: Athol Street, DN300 Sewer Upgrade

Client: Watercorp
Location: Port Hedland
Date: April - June 2015

Project Description:
   This involved construction of two new manholes and upgrading of existing one along with direct laying of a new 300mm PVC line to a depth of 3m.  The manholes on this project were PVC lined.  more



Project Name: Cape Lambart - Repairs to Cape Lambart Watermain

Client: Watercorp
Location: Wickham, WA
Date: May 2015 - ongoing

Project Description:
  This project involved the building of new piers under existing watermain while protecting existing supports, without any harm to above ground water main.  The new piers had to be excavated carefully under extising main as the DN 600 MSCL was live.  These foundations had to be compacted and tested so as to support new piers.

The project then required reo steel to be placed around the existing watermain.  Once this was in place neoprene was then placed aroundThis was then signed off and inspected ready for concrete pour.


The existing piers had to be removed with caution as not to damage live pipeline.  Once concrete was cured and stripped Firedam had to place rock protection around each pier, so any future flooding of the area would not underline new piers .


Project Name: Whiteman Park Fire Hydrant and Hosereel System Upgrade

Client: Dept of Finance (WA)
Location: Whiteman Park Perth
Value: $ 1.2m
Date: Jan 2015 - ongoing

Project Description:
Installation of 5km Poly Pipeline ranging in size from 280 to 63mm.  To upgrade fire hydrant system at Whiteman Park, Perth.  This project consisted of both excavation and trenchless methods in a highly sensitive public area. More


Project Name: Nicholson Rd Watermain Relocation

Client: City of Armadale
Location: Piara Waters
Value: $ 499,000
Date: July14 - Nov 2014

Project Description:  Adjust of existing 200mm watermain to accommodate the adjustment of Nicholson Rd. This project required 8 bores to cross road junctions and roundabouts. Works were carried out in this way so as not to impact on the flow of traffic and to limit the amount of restoration at the end of the works The connections were MSCL.



Project Name: Perth Zoo Fire Hydrant Installation Stage 1

Client: Dept of Finance (WA)
Location: Perth Zoo, South Perth
Value:  $750,000
Date: Apr14 - Jun14

Project Description: After tender, the scope of this project changed from the installation of one fire main service to the installation of the fire service, 2 electrical conduits, 2 communication conduits, 1 potable water and 1 bore water pipe into the original alignment.

Project Name: Roebourne Sewer Extension

Client: Dept of Housing
Location: Roebourne
Value: $ 943,000
Date: Nov13 - Apr14

Project Description: Extension of existing sewer to connect to new Department of Housing complex. Work included redesign of alignment. Work also involved the excavation in rock, construction of 9 manholes and 6 house service connections. Works were carried out along public footpaths with a section of the works where we connected to the existing sewer being on the main street of Roebourne. Public access was maintained and managed at all times. Two of the house services involved co-ordinating with the local hospital to ensure that their service was not disrupted. This was done by our site management team and completed without incident

Project Name: Fire Services Pilbara Heli-Terminal

Client: Woodside Energy Pty Ltd
Location: Karratha
Value: $ 35,000
Date: Dec13 - Jan14

Project Description: Woodside Heli-Terminal at Karratha required a new fire service to be installed to service their Pilbara Heli-Terminal. This facility is used to service all of the company's off shore projects. Therefore, ensuring that this facility was compliant was of the upmost importance. We designed and installed dual services to either end of the terminal building. The supply was sourced from a main on the road. The system was then commissioned and signed off as compliant.

Project Name: Dampier Supply Main Relocation

Client: Water Corporation
Location: Two Mile Access, Dampier WA
Value: $ 166,000
Date: Jul13 - Sep13

Project Description: Divert a 406 MSCL pipeline from its original alignment. This main is the sole supply pipe for the Dampier Peninsula and as such is a critical supply pipe to Dampier Port and it's operation. The diversion was to allow Rio Tinto to have access for extra large vehicles along the two mile access road. The works were carried out while maintaining access along the road at all times to Rio Tinto Traffic. The mains was assembled with welded joints. The section which crossed the access road was sleeved and grout filled. When the connection was carried out we were give a narrow timeframe in which to carry out the connections as the Port had only a limited stored supply and operations would have to be stopped if the stored supply was exhausted. The connections were completed as per the connection plan and our work did not impact on the Port operation at any stage.

Project Name: Karratha Airport Hydraulic Upgrade

Client: Shire of Roebourne
Location: Karratha Airport
Value: $ 8,500,000
Date: Jun12 - Nov14

Project Description: Design and construct the upgrade of the hydraulic services within the airport precinct. The services upgraded were the sewer, water, and fire and electrical systems. We also designed and installed a new 150mL wastewater treatment plant and a recycled water system for the whole airport precinct which allowed the client to reuse their treated water for services in the terminal building and for irrigation for  the surrounding landscaped areas. The upgrades of the existing services included installing a new supply main, various water storage tanks and a number of sewer pump stations strategically positioned around the precinct. All this work was carried out with little to no impact on the airport operations or passengers. A portion of the works were carried our in the highly secure and complex "Airside" area. This work on the runway  was extremely complex to manage and to ensure the safety and security of all the stakeholders, planes, passengers, ground crews, our staff and plant etc

Project Name: Bert 1 Front Curb Refurbishment /Quick Release Hook Installation

Client: Port Hedland Port Authority
Location: Port
Value: $ 2,900,000
Date: Apr12 - Sep12

Project Description: Berth 1 in the main loading berth operated by the Port Hedland Port Authority, Our contract work was carried out under a program that allowed for Shipping to have access to  the Berth during the works. The works under the contract included demolish delaminated concrete on the Berth deck using Hydro blaster, inspect and replace degraded reinforcing and repair the demolished areas of concrete. We also needed to install a cathodic protection system which consisted of anode ribbons, references in the top, front and bottom of the berth deck and wire them all back to the TRU, pour front edge kerb, adjust all existing services to align with the new kerb, remove existing marine bollards, install new 60t Quick Release Hooks and install and connect new navigation lighting along Berth1

Project Name: Wilberforce Low Pressure Sewer

Client: Sydney Water Corporation
Location: Castlereagh Rd, Wilberforce
Value:$ 329,000.00 
Date: Sept 11 - Apr 12

Project Description: Instillation of Low Pressure sewer system, main line pipe work and house services, connection including boundary kits, electrical connections and on property pump units.

Project Name: Kurnell Zone Substation Upgrade

Client: Ausgrid
Location: Kurnell Substation
Value: $ 1,750,000.00 
Date: Aug 11 - Mar 12

Project Description: Work was carried out in a live substation. This High-Risk environment added substantially to the complexity of the project. Works under the contract included Extend Substation for new switch gear equipment, install new conduit in expansion area, install footing and foundations for equipment, upgrade communications services, renew existing services, extend services into new substation area.

Project Name: Network Reliability Project

&nbspstyle="color: #000000; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;">Client: Ausgrid
Location: Various North Sydney Locations
Value: $ 245,000.00 
Date: Aug 11 - Feb 12 

Project Description: Dig, lay and backfill of cable ducting in various sites around Northern Sydney, in differing environments. Trenching and installation of  cable into position in preparation for the jointing crews.

Project Name: Great Western Highway Upgrade

Client: Reed Construction Company
Location: Hazelbrook
Value: $ 3,105,000
Date: Feb11 - Nov11

Project Description: Adjust services to allow for the road upgrade. Services relocated included steel watermain, electrical and stormwater.

Project Name: Sub-Station Hydrant Construction

Client: Energy Australia
Location: Pymble & Chatswood Zone Substations
Value: $ 305,000.00 
Date: Jan 11 - Jun 11

Project Description: Design & Construct fire hydrant systems for Zone Substations at Chatswood & Pymble. Installation work included working around live High Voltage electrical cables to install above ground pipework. Working in cooperation EA's own staff operating the Sub-stations. Installing some of the pipework above ground.Connecting one of the system to existing 400mm Trunk mains and the other to an existing main located in the roadway of the Pacific Highway. Testing, commissioning and arranging sign-off of new systems with Fire Services NSW.

Project Name: Willoughby Zone Substation Upgrade

Client: Energy Australia
Location: Willoughby Substation
Date: Oct 10 - April 11 

Project Description:  This work was carried in a complex environment. Upgrade HV cables entering and exiting Substation, install additional oil separators and recovery system, install new services, fire, water, drainage, including booster pump set for fire service.

Project Name: Stations First

Client: Australian Rail Transport Company (ARTC)
Location: Campbelltown Rail Station
Value: $1,357,000.00 
Date: Jul 10 - Mar 11

Project Description: Adjust existing communication cabling, electrical stormwater, drainage, fire and water; install new services between existing rails and construct new carriage wash down facility in station stabling yard.

Project Name: Southern Sydney Freight Line

Client: Southern Sydney Freight Line
Location: 8 No. Rail Stations throughout South Western Sydney
Value: $ 568,000.00 
Date: Mar 10 - Mar 11

Project Description: Diversion of utilities ranging from gas, electricity, water sewer and stormwater and general civil works, retaining walls and the instillation of a 14m high radio control mast in a separate location to the existing mast and the decommissioning of the existing mast.

Project Name: Hagley Irrigation Pipeline

Client: Tasmanian Irrigation Development Board
Location: Hagley, Tasmania
Value: $3,000,000.00 
Date: Sept 09 - Aug 10

Project Description: Design and construction of 16kms of irrigation pipeline, associated fittings, a 12m deep pump station with a river intake, an intermediate booster station and 25 customer outlets.

Project Name: Notley St, Low Pressure Sewer

Client: Sydney Water Corporation
Location: Mount Druitt NSW
Date: May 09 - June 09

Project Description: Low pressure sewer mains and boundary kits and on site systems including sewer pods & connection to existing Sydney Water sewer system for new Sub-Division.

Project Name: Sydney Melanoma Research Unit, Justinian House

Client: AW Edwards
Location: Wollstonecraft, NSW
Value: $120,000.00
Date: Feb 09 - Jul 09

Project Description: Installation of hydraulic services including water sewer
Fire Service and Stormwater, including connections to existing local infrastructure.

Project Name: Cardiff Market Place

Client: Fabcot
Location: Cardiff, NSW
Value: $1,800,000
Date: Oct08 - Mar09

Project Description: Diversion of 3 watermains (2x508mm and 1x220mm) around the Shopping centre, instillation of booster fire service. Bore the two 508 water mains across the main junction in Cardiff

Project Name: Caddens Road Upgrade

Client: Penrith Council
Location: Caddens Road,St Mary's
Value: $ 440,000
Date: Jul08 -Dec08

Project Description: Diversion of 2 watermains (500 & 900mm) for bridge and road widening. All mains in MSCL and concrete encased

Project Name: Lake Conjola Sewerage upgrade

Client: Department of Commerce
Location: Conjola
Value: $24,000,000
Date: Jan06 - May08

Project Description: On-property Design and Installation of a Pressure Sewer System for Lake Conjola

Project Name: Londonderry Test Safe Site

Client: Workcover
Location: Londonderry
Value: $400,000
Date: Aug07 - Nov07

Project Description: Construction of Fire Hydrant and Reticulation System

Project Name: Meadow Bank

Client: Billbergia P/L
Location: Bowden Street
Value: $8,233,000
Date: 2006/2007

Project Description: Sewer, watermains, pump station and stormwater

Project Name: Campbelltown Private Hospital

Client: AW Edwards
Location: Campbelltown
Value: $104,000
Date: Feb06 - Aug06

Project Description: Construction of Fire Hydrant and mains reticulation System

Project Name: Darling Harbour Water Harvesting

Client: SHFA
Location: Darling Harbour
Value: $1,000,000
Date: 2006

Project Description: Design & Construction of stormwater harvesting system, including interception of existing drainage infrastructure storage of retrieved water and integration of new system with existing systems in order to gain maximum usage of harvested water.

Project Name: Katoomba Sewer Upgrade

Client: Sydney Water Corporation
Location: Blue Mountains - Various
Value: $ 3,600,000
Date: Oct05 - Mar05

Project Description: 3500m of DICL and UPVC sewer with 2 large diameters bores of 210 lm each

Project Name: Commonwealth St Watermain Amplification

Client: Pacific Counties
Location: Commonwealth St, Surrey Hills
Value: $185,000
Date: May05 - Jun05

Project Description: Watermain renewal in centre of Sydney

Project Name: Darling Street Sewer Diversion

Client: Boone & Willard
Location: Anzac Pd, Kensington
Value: $ 55,000
Date: May05 - May05

Project Description: Diversion existing sewer around development block

Project Name: St Patricks College Manly

Client: Ford Civil Contracting
Location: Bower St, Manly
Value: $ 850,000
Date: Apr05 - Jul05

Project Description: Sewer and water mains, various sizes

Project Name: Watermain Renewal

Client: Ford Civil Contracting P/L
Location: Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross
Value: $ 273,000
Date: Apr 04 - Jun04

Project Description: Renewal of 300m of 300 & 375mm Watermain & identify and transfer all existing services as part of the streetscape upgrade

Project Name: Watermain Installation

Location: Bruce Bennets Place, Maroubra
Value: $ 195,000
Date: Apr04 - May04

Project Description: Install 175m of 250mm DICL watermain, Under pressure tapping into 900 CICL main and other connections in Maroubra Rd

Project Name: Water & Sewer Installation at Hickson Rd

Client: Brown and Moodie
Location: Hickson Rd, Millers Point
Value: $ 304,000
Date: Jan04 - Mar04

Project Description: Install sewer and water services to development including permanent road and footpath restoration.

Project Name: Sussex St Protection Slab

Client: Agility
Location: Sussex & Kent St, Sydney
Value: $ 76,000
Date: Feb04 - Mar04

Project Description: Construct protection slab for HP gas main

Project Name: Kenthurst St Development

Client: Effsee Investments P/L
Location: 61 Kenthurst St, St Ives
Value: $ 1,600,000
Date: Dec03 - Feb04

Project Description: Construction development including drainage, landscaping and roadways

Project Name: Watermain Adjustment Windsor Rd Redevelopment - Stage 2

Client: Nace Civil
Location: Old Windsor Rd, Kellyville
Value: $ 720,000
Date: 2004

Project Description: 450 - 900mm water main diversion including 80m of a bore across Old Windsor Rd for both mains

Project Name: Wentworth Falls Area B

Client: Sydney Water
Location: Wentworth Falls
Value: $ 2,300,000
Date: 2003

Project Description: Backlog sewer replacement 2.8km ranging in size from 600m to 150m

Project Name: Watermain Renewal Oxford St Mall Bondi Junction

Client: Ford Civil Contracting P/L
Location: Oxford St Mall, Bondi Junction
Value: $ 1,700,000
Date: Mar03 - Nov03

Project Description: Demolish and remove existing street furniture and surface, while keeping mall area accessible to pedestrians. Renew a 450mm trunk main, a 450/250 main and a 250mm main and transfer all services.

Project Name: Watermain Adjustment Windsor Rd Redevelopment - Stage 1

Client: Nace Civil
Location: Old Windsor Rd, Kellyville
Value: $ 600,000
Date: Nov00 - Mar02

Project Description: Adjust existing water main, sizes from 300 - 900DICL + MSCL

Project Name: Blackwattle Bay Wharf Redevelopment

Client: DPW&S
Location: Blackwattle Bay Wharf
Value: $ 750,000
Date: Nov00 - Mar02

Project Description: Design and install all services and furniture on the Wharf, including lighting, electrical and communication. The work was carried out in an environmentally sensitive area on Sydney Harbour

Project Name: Watermain Renewal Woronora

Client: Sydney Water
Location: Deep Water Estate, Woronora
Value: $ 700,000
Date: Apr01 - Mar02

Project Description: Renew of water main and transfer of services in natural bushland which once our work was completed had too be restored to its original condition.

Project Name: Watermain Renewal Lidcombe

Client: Sydney Water
Location: Lidcombe
Value: $ 1,066,000
Date: Mar01 - Mar02

Project Description: Renew existing water main

Project Name: Singleton Army Training Area

Client: G.H.D
Location: Singleton Army Base
Value: $ 900,000
Date: Sep01 - Jan02

Project Description: Construction development including drainage, landscaping and roadways